What Do You Love Most About Being A Mom?

When it comes to parenting, we have no shortage of frustrations and complaints, but one thing that always comes up in the back of our minds when we discuss those frustrations is the crazypants folks who don’t seem to get it and say things like, “You’re constantly whining!” What makes people want to have children in the first place? Isn’t there anything you enjoy about it?”

There is, of course. Having children is a dreadful, glorious, frustrating, heart-racing, tear-jerking, tongue-biting, eye-rolling, yell-inducing, laugh-barking roller coaster of a life choice. There are as many hills as valleys, but it’s in the valleys that we can feel so isolated and alone with our concerns, doubts, and struggles. That’s why we’re more likely to talk about those experiences and reach out to people who are going through similar things so that we know we’re not alone and that there is hope on the horizon. That is something we, as humans, require.

But, because it may appear that we never discuss the positive aspects of parenting, I asked my friends to tell us about their favorite aspect of becoming a parent. What they had to say was as follows:

“When that little voice wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks, “Momma, can I cuddle with you?”

“Every time one of my children said, ‘I love you,’ or hugged or kissed me. But one of the most satisfying moments happened a few years ago, when my college-aged youngest remarked, “Mom, you were right,” after years of my giving him advice he refused to heed.

“It felt nice to hold a sleeping baby.”

“For the time being…no more diapers!”

“I love that when kids arrive home, I’m the first person they look for to tell me about their days.”

“My favorite aspect is being surrounded by individuals who truly understand me. My children’s love for me is absolutely unconditional. They’re developing into capable, intelligent, and distinct individuals, and some days it’s unmistakably “I made this!”

“I adore it when my son writes me notes or draws images that say, ‘I love you, Mom.’ ‘You’re the best,’ It says. 

“I enjoy watching [my child] develop into her own person.” 

“I adore the fact that I created him. He’s such a bright, intelligent young man.”

“I love it when they call me Mommy…or just Mom…. I never saw myself as a mother, so hearing that is the second best thing after hearing them say, “I love you.”

“As my children have grown older, my favorite part of being a mother has become when they still require my assistance. When they tell me how much they adore me and how much I’ve helped them become the incredible persons they are today.”

“I enjoy watching my children develop. I enjoy seeing how diverse each of them is and how their personalities develop.”

“Now that they’re grown, I love having adult conversations, laughing and sharing things that are inappropriate but still funny. I like knowing my house is their safe place.”

“I still can’t believe I created anything so lovely. My favorite part is teaching him everything I know and reassuring him that no matter what happens, I will always be there for him!! “Real love.”

“When I hold her, my infant burrows his little head into my shoulder.”

“Seeing how intelligent, cool, and powerful they are.”

“I’m holding my little guy’s hand as he drifts off to sleep.”

“The messages that say, ‘I love you, Mommy,’ are my favorites.

“I enjoy the chats with the adolescent and the fact that he values and respects my opinion enough to seek it out. When I’m feeling stressed, the tiny human hugs also help a lot.”

“I enjoy watching them mature and develop into the people they are now. And I am overjoyed when someone, such as a teacher, comes up to me and expresses their admiration for my children. Those are MY creatures. That’s what I did.

“My daughter is the only person in my life who forgives me as soon and effortlessly as she does. Despite the fact that I strive so hard and fail so often, she continues to tell me that I am the prettiest, sweetest, brightest, and best Mommy in the world… That inspires me to live up to her expectations. This, I recognize, may change in a few years; the adolescent version of her may become my worst critic, and I’ll have to find a new favorite role. But, for the time being, her kind, generous nature inspires me to be a better person. And that is the most excellent.”

“I enjoy having a sense of importance. To my kids, I am really important. It’s the only thing that keeps me going some days.”

What are your favorite parts of being a parent?

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