Weird Things about Newborns

Newborns are beautiful yet odd. They perform all sorts of strange things, which won’t seem so strange if you’re prepared. Here are 9 strange but completely natural facts about infants.

  • EXPLOSIVE POOPS: Newborn poop is usually liquid, especially if the baby is nursed.
  • BODY HAIR: Lanugo is the word for the fuzz that appears on the face, shoulder, and back of a newborn. By the time your infant is four months old, most of this hair will have fallen out on its own.
  • CONE-SHAPED HEAD: A cone-shaped head is common in newborns. This occurs because the newborn’s skull bones are not fused, allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal more easily. This isn’t going to last long.
  • WEIRD NOISES: Due to tiny nasal passageways, there is grunting, groaning, snorting, snoring, and a variety of other noises.
  • HICCUPS: In general, if a newborn appears cheerful and unconcerned about hiccups, they are unlikely to be a cause for concern.
  • JERKY LEGS: It’s natural for babies to jitter or tremble their arms and legs as they cry. By the age of two months, it should be over.
  • BIG LITTLE GUY PARTS: Hormones are released in the womb, causing temporary genital swelling in boys.
  • Bent LEGS: After nine months of curling up in the womb, most babies are born with bowed legs. This normally takes 6 to 12 months to resolve.
  • It’s typical to experience dryness and peeling after giving birth. Skin flaking usually goes away on its own.

Is there anything unusual about your tiny angel?

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