The Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

Do you sing Nursery Rhymes to your baby? While singing any type of songs to your baby is good, nursery rhymes provides some good benefits.

  • Nursery Rhymes Teach Children How Language Works

As your little ones discuss nursery rhymes, they work on articulating and controlling the littlest pieces of a word. They try different things with emphasis, voice explanation, and articulation. Nursery rhymes show youngsters how fun language can be.

  • Helps improve listening skills because they’re fun to listen to

They’re silly and fun…and often (filled with nonsense). But they’re just plain fun. My son giggle and do hand movements as we say our nursery rhymes. He often makes request on which nursery rhyme we should do next.

  • Easy to learn and memorize. The rhymes helps develop memory skills

Having students sing and remember nursery rhymes helps develop their long-term memory and information-recall capability. Nursery rhymes provide a boost that’s extremely important for future (related to school and learning) success.

  • Learning rhythm improves reading skills

Literacy and child development experts have determined that children who know at least 8 nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are 4 years old are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are in third grade

  • Helps promote brain development

Hearing and saying nursery rhymes builds brain structures that (help increase/show in a good way) the development of Higher Order Thinking Skills. Your little one is experiencing huge brain development during those years, so why not boost that thinking related growth through nursery rhymes?

Do you recite nursery rhymes with your little ones? Which ones are your favorite?

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