10 Things Almost all moms struggle with (You’re not alone)

Many mothers suffer in silence because they don’t want their problems to be known. Here are ten of the most common reasons why mothers suffer.

Every mother is unique. We all have unique personalities, aspirations, and dreams. We don’t raise our children in the same way and don’t see the world in the same way. While there are many traits that distinguish us, there are also things that we all share and have in common. Every mother faces difficulties. The 10 most prevalent reasons new mothers struggle and why they keep it to themselves are listed below.

1. Mom Guilt

Mom-guilt affects everyone, no matter who they are. We all suffer with it; some of us simply refuse to admit it. The feeling of being a bad mother never goes away. It lingers in the mind. It follows us around as our children grow older. There are constantly new reasons to mistrust our abilities and wonder if we did the most we could for our children.

Every mother is guilty of something at some point. When life gets busy, they feel awful about their children watching too much TV or having unhealthy eating habits. Moms resent themselves for yelling at their children when they’ve hit their limit, or for not spending enough time with them. When their children fall behind in a topic or don’t do their homework, mothers feel bad. Working moms are even more burdened by mom guilt because, let’s face it, we can’t do it all. For us mothers, it’s a never-ending battle.

2. Lowered Self-Esteem and Constant Comparison

Moms are always comparing themselves to other moms. Every woman is insecure about her abilities to be a mother and compares herself to other mothers who appear to have mastered motherhood. (If it appears that way, it’s a falsehood.) Moms aspire to be like Rachel from down the street. We all admire the “ideal moms” and wish we were more like them. We feel like we’re not living up to our potential as mothers. But you must remember that you are enough.

3. Friendships

Every single mother struggles not just to make friends, but also to maintain the relationships she had prior to having children. Even if moms have friends, finding opportunities to get together is really difficult. Everyone is busy, and as children grow older, they become more involved in various activities, thus a mother’s relationships always come last. Some mothers have a difficult time making mom friends because they don’t know where to meet them or what to talk about when they do. This is very normal. This is a regular situation. Admitting that this is a widespread problem may surprise us and lead to new friendships.

4. Extreme Fatigue

Every new mother is exhausted, especially single mothers. Having a baby alters your life, even if you don’t have any small toddlers running about. It will sap your strength. Avoid making comparisons such as “well, I’m tireder than you because…” Every mother is worn out. We need to come together as a group. Moms carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. We juggle a lot of things on a daily basis. There’s no shame in being overburdened with duties. Some women feel terrible for having these thoughts, as if doing so implies that they are abandoning their roles. It isn’t the case. You’re a person. You can’t do everything. We must be truthful. Sleep deprivation is a problem for all mothers. Please be kind to one another. Make sure your relationships with other moms aren’t putting you under too much stress.

5. Postpartum Body

Coming to terms with your postpartum body can be difficult. No matter how hard you try to “get it back,” your body will always appear different. Even if you get in the best shape of your life, the scars (beauty marks) left over from previous pregnancies will stay. Many mothers will share body-positivity quotations, but don’t be surprised if they don’t go deep enough to promote improved mental health. You’ve probably heard moms (particularly Instamoms) brag about how much they love their bodies and how at ease they are in them because they brought their children into this world. They may be proud of their bodies, but I guarantee they are just as self-aware of their body as the rest of us. Don’t you believe it’s probably time to admit it openly?

6. Not having enough time

I was having a hard time finding time for me, doing activities I like, and just feeling calm and like myself again. When you’re a first-time mom, or even if you’re an expert mom, you may believe that you can’t take a break for whatever reason. We feel guilty for doing things for ourselves that bring us joy.

7. Eating Well

Why Is It So Difficult for Busy Moms to Eat Well?
It’s not impossible, but it’s a lot more difficult than it was before children. It also requires more planning and organization. You will not eat if you do not have nutritious and natural food in your home. You’ll consume whatever’s available. If you’re hungry and out with the kids and don’t have a healthy snack option, you’ll have to resort to the drive-through if things get out of hand.

8. Loneliness

When it comes to dealing with loneliness in your life, it’s critical to address the problem as soon as you notice it. You don’t have to make drastic changes in your life; simply choose one or two things that you think you can handle and put them into action. It’s unproductive to try to deny you’re lonely or put on a pleasant face when you’re anything but. Tell the truth about how you’re feeling. It is quite acceptable to be lonely. It’s neither a sign of weakness nor a reflection of your parenting skills. There’s a lot of pressure to be overjoyed about having a new baby, and while you may feel that way on some days, it’s also natural to feel lonely. Your life has changed dramatically, and some of your loneliness may be due to a longing for the past.

9. Staying Calm

If you’re a stay-at-home mom like me, you may feel compelled to devote every waking moment to your children. If you’re on the verge of losing your mind, you’ll need some alone time. Put your children in separate play, have them all snooze at the same time, or simply send them outside to play in the backyard.

10. Making Time for yourself

As a new parent, finding time for yourself can be difficult. This is true for all parents, but it is especially true for first-time parents. So much is changing, so much is being learned, and it’s all occurring at the same time. You can be under the impression that you don’t have any spare time. While this is somewhat true, there are steps you can do to alleviate that sensation of “I don’t have time” and find time to relax—at least for a while.

Being a mother is quite difficult, and there are numerous challenges. We are attempting to do our best, to love and raise our children to be good people. We may feel as though we are falling short at times, but our children are not aware of this. They are well-liked. They’re fine. Everything is fine. Just remember that every single mother is battling, and we all feel inadequate at times. To be the perfect mother for your children, you don’t have to be perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself..