Awesome Baby Freebies for 2021

Babies are small little angels majority of of the time, but they know how to obviously clean out your wallet. I can’t believe how much stuff they need. Don’t worry moms I have spent various hours researching where to score several Free Baby Stuff.

There’re a lot of numerous free baby stuff out over there for moms don’t be scared to benefit from them. I have put together several of the best freebies for moms and I will share them all here.


The number of baby gear that is needed for your little one is a lot. This place are several of our favorite free baby gear finds.


Carseat Canopies are lifesavers for me and it was a huge favorite , not only it kept my baby shaded from the sun it also gave him some privacy especially with Covid. Canopy Couture has several outstanding car seat covers in several diverse styles. Use promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 to receive $50 off. Most of the carseat covers are $50 so all you have to pay is shipping. How cool is that! Check out all their cute canopies here


Protecting your back and arms is a must for any moms. I love having my baby sling It kept my hands free for other duties while still bonding with my baby. The baby sling also enables me to breast feed while going about other business. These slings by SevenBaby not only are very adorable they’re also free. Use my promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 and get $40 Off any Sling. You can check out all there slings here.


You may already have a favorite nursing cover, but it never hurts to have an additional one especially when you can get it for free. Go to place one of the nursing covers in your cart, and enter my code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1. You will only have to pay the cost of shipping.


One of my favorite baby freebies are these personalized baby pacifiers. You can put your baby’s surname or initials on the pacifiers. My baby uses pacifiers and I’m always misplacing and forgetting them at home so you can never get enough to put extra’s in your diaper bag, purse, car, etc. Enter my code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 here to get $30 in FREE pacifiers.


When it comes to free stuff for new moms, there’s not much that defeats breastfeeding gear. This is a must when you’re breastfeeding. offers $35 of FREE Breast Pads when you use my promo code: SWEETLIFEOFMOM1. Check out all their available styles here


The Nursing Pillow is a must-have for any breastfeeding mom. Get your free nursing pillow here. Enter my promo code at checkout SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 and just pay shipping.


If you’re like me you’re always forgetting which breast I last used to feed baby. These bands helped a lot. I simply just turn the bracelet inside-out. Get $35.00 worth of free milk bands when you enter my promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 at



I love belly bands. It saved me tons of money. I was able to use it before, during and after pregnancy. It helped cover up unfastened pre-pregnancy pants. Belly Bands extended /eliminate the need to wear or buy maternity pants. It also provided great support for belly and back. The belly button band is a great option. Use our code: SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 and save $40 off which can get you 2 Bands for FREE at

Who gained weight during pregnancy and wishes that they still can fit into their pre pregnancy jeans and not buy a new wardrobe. This allows you to wear your unbuttoned pants that no longer fit you (and no one has to know). It is soft, seamless knit construction with 360° stretch and it recovers to original shape after washing. It connects directly to your pants button, allowing it to hold firm and snug. Get $60.00 worth by entering my code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 at Not only it will get you one but three. How cool is that!?

I know I am not the only mom who goes on their phone while feeding baby or putting him/her to sleep and sometimes we forget to charge our device. Our cords are usually too short to reach so why not use a charger extension. You can get one for free at by entering my promo code SWEEETLIFEOFMOM1. It is  is compatible with ALL USB charged devices and it will add 12 additional feet to your current charger cord.


Who doesn’t love free books? Babsy offers $40 in Free Books. Use our promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 at checkout.



 Free adorable baby leggings.  Visit and put one pair in your cart. Use promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1.


Get yourself several Bandana Bibs to pair with your Baby Leggings! Cute patterns and styles, a fast simple look, and very easy to clean, making these a must-have for any parent with a messy eater! Use code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 here.


These adorable ruffle buns can be yours for free. Actually you can have three of them. Get $60 in FREE Ruffle Buns when use code: SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 here. There’re a lot of tons of styles to pick up from plus they any have a complete diverse line just for boys titled Stud Muffins.


Use my code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 at to get one free fur hat.


How cure are these! Get one for free today when you enter my promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1 at


Who doesn’t love free shoes? Get up to $60 in Free shoes at Little Wanders when you use promo code SWEETLIFEOFMOM1. There are so many adorable pairs, you have to check them all out. 

Do you know of more freebies for babies that aren’t on our list? Comment them below!