Baby Items To Keep For The Next Baby

When it comes to reusing baby goods, the most important thing to remember is to make sure the item is in good condition. Because babies outgrow things so quickly, the clothes or baby equipment they once wore may still appear to be brand new. As a result, parents who want to have multiple children will want to keep items to pass down from one child to the next. However, it’s not always clear which goods are acceptable to keep for the next baby and which ones should be replaced when baby number two or beyond arrives.

During the first year of life, infants do not put much wear and tear on their items. For the most part, the items that need to be discarded are those that have become soiled and cannot be removed.

As a result, parents find it difficult to throw things away when they know they will have more than one child since it feels like throwing money away. As a result, parents are left to ponder what must be replaced from baby to baby and what can be passed down.

Here are some baby items to pass to the next baby.


Clothing is one of the easiest items to pass down from one child to the next. This is due to how quickly they can be cleaned and sterilized after each use. As a result, clothes can be passed down from one baby to the next as long as they are in decent condition with no loose buttons, suspicious zippers, or stains.

Even better, many of the outfits worn by babies in their first few months of life are gender-neutral. As a result, any onesies or pajamas worn at that time can be passed down to future siblings of any gender. As a result, the lifespan of infant garments can be extended a little longer.

Baby Toys

Parents buy all of the toys  for their babies to play with when they have their first child. And, as they soon discover, most of the toys sit unused and collect dust because only a few of the toys appeal to babies. The rest of the toys are put away, never to be touched again.

Toys can be reused indefinitely. The only thing that has to be done before handing down toys is to inspect them for any cracks, breakage, or sharp pieces so that the babies who will use them in the future are just as safe as the first.


I saved all my blankets, Breastfeeding cover, Car seat covers, etc

High Chair

Each year’s new types of high chairs are very similar. The most crucial features to look for in a high chair are a working five-point harness, a tray that stays in place while the baby is in the chair, and the capacity to clean all sections of the high chair. If a high chair that was used on a first child has all of these features, it is safe to use for future children aswell.

Before utilizing the high chair, inspect it to ensure that it is stable and free of any sharp parts or exposed foam from the seating area. The high chair is safe to use as long as all of these are in working order.

Baby Bathtub

Baby bathtubs are useful in the first few months of a baby’s existence because babies can’t hold their heads up and bathing them in a regular bathtub is difficult. The baby bathtub holds the infant in an inclined posture, reducing the chance of the little one’s head falling into the water and, as a result, drowning.

While it may appear that a baby will be small enough to utilize a baby bathtub for an extended period of time, the infant will only use it for approximately six months before transitioning to a regular bath. A baby bathtub can be passed down from one infant to the next due to its infrequent use.

These are just some of the things you can reuse for the next baby. What are some things did you reuse for kids?