Safety Priorities that changed through the years

Greetings, Moms!
Many things have changed since your parents or in-laws were responsible for little children, as you are aware. New grandparents may benefit from a cheat sheet regarding new baby routines and customs, even if they don’t need classes on how to love their grandchildren.

I’ve compiled a list of safety priorities that have changed throughout previous years. Discuss this with any new grandparents who will be caring for your child. Spread the word to anyone who you believe will benefit from this cheat sheet.

There a plenty of other safety precautions that aren’t mentioned here. Please share your suggestions in the comments section, and let’s all work together to keep newborns safe.

  • Put baby to sleep on his tummy
  • use a pillow
  • Cover baby in bed with a blanket
  • Give baby any food with honey before one year
  • Use bumper pads in crib
  • Use a drop side crib
  • Apply baby powder
  • Dip a pacifier in honey
  • Putting stuffed animals in crib
  • Leave baby unattended in high chair
  • Give an ice bath to lower a fever

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