Please don’t ask…”Is your baby sleeping through the night?”

“Does your baby sleep through the night?” everyone inquires. “Does your infant sleep well?” or “Is your baby a good sleeper?”

I’m concerned that many women’ perceptions of their parenting success are based on how many hours their infant sleeps. The issue is that, depending on their age and temperament, babies sleep for varying amounts of time and for varied lengths of time. A newborn, for example, will usually sleep for around 3 hours straight… tops. A 2 to 3 month child can sleep for 5 to 6 hours at a time… A four-month-old baby may sleep for seven or eight hours at a time.

Let me reassure you, moms: if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep yet, there’s nothing wrong with you or your kid. Some babies are simply better sleepers by nature than others. Yes, some families like to sleep train, while others do not.

Perhaps we might use a different inquiry, such as, “How are you feeling these days?”  Or maybe, “How are night’s going?”

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