Keeping Love Alive

Things to keep in mind whether you’re married or in a significant relationship: Never assume your partner is happy.
Date nights are essential.

It makes no difference whether you go out or stay in.

It’s critical to talk openly about what you want to improve in your relationship.

Get to know one another’s love languages.
We all have different perspectives on love.
It’s okay to go to bed mad now and then.
Don’t make a hasty decision.
It does help to sleep on it.

Don’t just say “I’m sorry” when you get into a quarrel. Explain why you’re sorry and how you’ll behave differently next time.
It will become tedious at times.
Every partnership goes through a period of “boringness.”
It’s perfectly natural.
It will eventually fade away.
This is the point in your relationship where you must put in the most effort.

You’ll have to pull more weight than your companion on some days, and vice versa.
It’s crucial to keep tabs on one other’s mental health.
It is acceptable to seek couples counseling.
It is beneficial.
It doesn’t mean you’re going to break up or fail.

Discuss your financial objectives.
Make your partner aware of your expectations, and vice versa.
One hour before sleep, turn off the phones and just talk to each other.

Inquire, for example, “What do you like to see more of from me?”
“How can we better understand each other?”
Above all, remember to be kind to one another.
Love one another.
Fight for the sake of each other.
Remember, love isn’t easy, and it’s a rollercoaster ride.
But, oh, is it ever lovely and worthwhile.

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