I only need you

I don’t need to accompany you on expensive vacations.
I’ll need you at 2 a.m., when I’m a shambles, sobbing about my day and how exhausting it was with the kids.
With you, I don’t need a big fancy house.
All I need is for you to come home to.
All I ask is that you listen to me while I go over the events of the day.
I don’t require costly gifts from you.
I only require your assistance.

I just need to sit with you after the kids have gone to bed and watch Netflix together.
I don’t require pricey dinners or elaborate dates.
I simply need some one-on-one time with you now and then, and I don’t care if we just  go to Walmart. I’m really delighted to be with you.
I don’t require a large diamond.

When you proposed to me at the age of 18, you bought the best you could afford. Even though I now have a larger ring, I still value the old one more. It didn’t matter how big they were. At 18, you were so convinced of me that you saved up your weekly pay check to buy it, and that’s what I admire. That ring will be mine forever.

I don’t require any of the things that I was taught to aspire for as a child. I don’t require expensive vacations, fine dining, or large diamond rings.
I only need you.

At 2 a.m., when the rest of the world has gone to sleep, I need you.
I need your presence.
I want to fall asleep next to you, our legs intertwined in each other’s.
As you go for work in the morning, give me a kiss on the forehead to wake me up.

I don’t require much of stuff, as you can see.
I don’t require anything extravagant.
I only require one thing.

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