It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Christmas tree and the christmas decorations are finally up up. Yeah, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas, but it just doesn’t feel the same this year. I’m sad that my baby is missing out on all his first. He didn’t get to see Fourth of July fireworks, didn’t get to trick or treat on Halloween, and didn’t get to experience Christmas gift shopping at the mall and getting his photo taken with Santa. I wasn’t able to take holiday pictures this year as I normally do every year. My seven year old keeps asking me when the coronavirus will stop. I would like to pray for the virus to go away this year so that we can continue to live a normal life.

This year, I’m done with all my Christmas shopping and it’s all done online. I am so proud of myself because, during Cyber Monday, I was able to find good deals. At first, I was worried that my presents weren’t going to make it on time here in Hawaii, but now all I have to do is wrap them and put them under my Christmas tree. I still haven’t had the time to do it because lately I’ve been so tired. Having a new baby in the house has put a toll on me. My baby wants attention all the time and all he wants is to always be with me. Most of the time I baby wear so I can do some things in the house but even that is hard. He needs me to lie beside him when he takes a nap, and that’s the only way he can sleep. He likes snuggling next to me and I end up falling asleep most of the time, too. I’m just going to treasure these moments.

I know I haven’t blogged a lot, but that’ll change. I want to capture all my memories, write about my children and see them grow up. Thanks for visiting my blog until next time!