Breastfeeding 101 Latching on correctly

While nursing is a beautiful and natural experience, it isn’t always simple or painless. You are not alone if you are having difficulties nursing. Many breastfeeding problems can be solved with a healthy latch. So, let’s look at four fundamental features of a healthy latch.

  1. Make yourself at home. Because you’ll be sitting in this posture for a long period, it’s critical that you feel at ease. So, get a chair and a comfortable pillow (breastfeeding pillows are fantastic!).
  2. Make sure you’re tummy-to-tummy with your infant. It’s quite relaxing to do this skin-to-skin massage (well, with your baby wearing a diaper). There are a variety of positions you can take while breastfeeding; we’ll go over them in more detail in subsequent posts. For now, I’d recommend starting with the cradle hold, which involves placing your baby’s head in the crook of your arm. Your baby’s head will need to be turned back slightly to latch on.
  3. Your baby’s mouth should cover the majority of the bottom and a portion of the top of your areola. Your infant can get a good amount of breast with a wide open mouth.
  4. Your baby’s mouth should be turned outwards, as if he or she were a fish. Breastfeeding will definitely hurt at first (sorry…but it’s real). The pain should fade away in a few weeks if you have a good latch. If it doesn’t, I’d recommend consulting a lactation specialist.

Do you have any good latching tips?

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