When I got pregnant the second time around, I was once honestly hoping for a girl. I had a boy already, so one of every would be just perfect, right? Well, instead, I ended up with a second baby boy, and let me tell you–I couldn’t be happier. I love being a boy mom!

Dressing Them is Easier and cheaper

Girl clothes are cute, however boy clothes are speedy and easy! No dealing with hair bows, princess costumes, tights and an infinite warfare each time we go to the store. For the most part, my boys content in whatever.

They’re Fun

My boys are simply about as silly and rambunctious as they come. They love running, screaming, getting into things. Basically, they live existence at full velocity and they have a blast doing it!

I Worry Less

I love that I don’t have to worry that much with boys. My boys are rough and energetic. If they fall off the couch, they just laugh it off and keep playing. If they get dirty, they don’t even notice. They’re just too busy having fun

Boys Love Their Mamas!

I’m sure girls love their moms too, however from what I’ve heard, there is an greater one-of-a-kind love between mothers and sons.Whenever they are sickor in need of comfort, it’s all moms for sure. And I love that. My boys have always clung to me in a way that they don’t with anyone else. My relationship with them is so special.The hugs my youngest boy gives me every morning when he wakes up make me the happiest mom in the world.

I love their tender hearts

Just when you think they’re the toughest, roughest, sort of kid, they surprise you with the softest word or kindest touch. Melts my heart. Every time. My boys always knows how to comfort me when I’m sad or just when I need a hug.

I love their protective instinct

In spite of all that, these younger lads can be pretty chivalrous. They can’t bear to see me dragging a heavy load out to the trash. Or to get hurt. Or cry. I always tell them that “I’m stronger than I look,” however they don’t seem to believe me. They choose to protect me from all harm. And that’s fine with me. They’re always mommys protector no matter what age.

The gift of making men for the future is wonderful

The gift of making men for the future is wonderful. Being a part of how they see and have interaction in the world is a reward I relish. Teaching them and seeing them display emotion with perception and compassion is the BEST part.

No Drama

I love to get away from the sparkly pink piles of drama and lock myself away with him and some legos and talk about robots and dinosaurs. No drama.

No need to worry about fixing hair

No hair to brush/braid! I have three boys and we can go from the shower to out the door in less that 30 minutes.

Being one of my most important women in their life

I have the privilege of being the most important woman in my boys’ lives. Sure, they love Grandma, and someday they’ll probably fall in love with another woman. But at least for now, I am the main female figure in their lives.

Are you a Boy Mom? What is your favorite part of being a Boy-Mom?

How to Build an Unbreakable Bond with your child

Our connection to our children means everything. It means the difference between a confident child and an insecure one. It means the difference between a cooperative child and a defiant one. Our early attachments and ongoing connection to our children fostered through love, nurture and guidance is a strong predictor of our child’s success in many areas of life.

We have heard a lot about attachment, so it seems obvious that concept andvalue of bonding with our children. Just because your little one has developed to turn into much bigger person, much sassier it doesn’t mean your bond and association with them is any less essential to their advancement. Actually, it keeps on being absolutely critical all through youth. Having kids in your life is very busy. It’s normal to find yourself sometimes not having enough time to sit down and have time to talk to one another.

Here’s the excellent news: you’re probably already involve with  your kid in things that encourage a powerful relationship between parent and child — here are my favorites.

1. Reading

We all recognize that reading with kids is a easy way of improving language abilities and reading 
abilities. But study also demonstrates that reading with kids stimulates brain development 
patterns that are accountable for attachment and bonding.This makes sense considering story time usually includes cuddling, eye contact, and shared emotion. If you make reading together a priority at home, you will certainly connect with your kid.

2. Art

Engaging with kids in art or craft activities is an amazing way to offer not only a pleasant experience, but also a therapeutic one. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a child who can’t find an art that interests him, regardless of their age.

We provide them with an outlet to express their ideas and emotions when involved in a creative process. This is particularly true for younger kids, who are still unable to verbalize their feelings.If your kid has access to a creative outlet, the chances are that there will be more beneficial interactions between you two.

3. Music

Whether listening to them playing an instrument or dancing together, music provides a lot of advantages for both parents and children, including putting our consciousness into our bodies into the present moment.

4. Being out in Nature

Stress is often an enormous obstacle for parents involved with their kids. Spending time in nature with your kid will go a long way towards enhancing both parties ‘ mental health and physical well-being. Natural exposure decreases our blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and stress hormone manufacturing.

5. Play

Play is children’s language, so it’s only natural that we should attempt to communicate with them when something comes so naturally. By entering the world of their child and following their lead in play, parents open up the chance for many beneficial results, including taking a distinct position in the relationship and seeing our kids from a fresh view.

Studies have discovered that people can recognize explicit feelings of adoration, appreciation, and empathy through visually impaired touch. Through this viewpoint, it’s anything but difficult to perceive how contact assumes a noteworthy job in framing solid associations among parent and kid.

By doing these and more we are building an incredible bond between you and your kids. Which of the above do you enjoy doing with your kids?